Vignarajah sees Southern Maryland as entrepreneurial hub

Krishanti Vignarajah, former policy director for Michelle Obama, is running for the Democratic nomination for governor in part to inspire girls and children of color who may not have seen people who look like them in positions of power and influence.


Krishanti Vignarajah tells voters that she kicked off her campaign for Maryland governor by visiting places that helped shape her life and career as a way to stress the importance of providing similar opportunities for children today — particularly those who do not see people who look like them in influential roles.

Vignarajah kicked off her campaign in front of the basement apartment in Baltimore where she grew up as the daughter of Sri Lankan immigrants who “had no jobs, a couple hundred dollars in their pockets and two very young kids in their arms,” she said recently at a campaign stop at LifeStyles of Maryland Inc. in La Plata, sponsored by the Women of Action Charles County.

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