Storm damage leaves trees, branches down in Baltimore County

Storm damage leaves trees, branches down in Baltimore County


From downed trees to homes damaged, people across the area are cleaning up after Wednesday’s storm.

Emergency officials in Baltimore County say winds as high as 90 mph rolled through the part of the county that includes Middle River, Bowleys Quarters, White Marsh and Perry Hall.

"Right now, we have trees down. We have wires down. We also have some homes that were damaged and condemned," Nicholas Tyson, of the Baltimore County Fire Department, said.

It’s a long night of work for Baltimore County fire and rescue. Just about everywhere you looked in east and northeast Baltimore County, there were downed trees and branches.

"It started hailing really bad, and I said, ‘I’m getting downstairs,’ and I started running downstairs and I heard this loud noise and I yelled, ‘Tornado,’ and I took off running," witness Carole Schrader said.

Residents like Schrader in the Nottingham area swear they at least heard a tornado, accompanied by hail.

"I say it sounded like a deep wash. It was really loud and scary," Schrader said.

Jeff Brewer was one of the unlucky ones, as a huge branch was thrown on top of his roof and came crashing down on his deck.

"Heard the rain coming down the road, looked out the back side — wind and rain horizontal, heard the crash, see there is the tree that came down through the roof multiple spots slid and took off the rest of the patio," Brewer said.

Baltimore County fire officials say the storm quickly moved in at around 5 p.m. and was gone within 20 minutes.

A scare for many, but luckily no one was hurt.

Possible rare tornado

Meteorologist Ava Marie says the radar shows a tornado may have hit the White Marsh area. If confirmed, the tornado’s winds would have blown in a clockwise direction, which is very rare, Marie said.

Rotation detected on the radar yesterday by @ttasselWBAL supports the possibility of a tornado in Perry Hall and White Marsh. But the direction was clockwise, which is rare. Only 2-5% of tornadoes rotate in that direction, most are counterclockwise.

— Ava Marie (@AvaWBAL) May 30, 2019

Thousands wake up without power Thursday

A tree that crashed down into power lines on Silver Spring Road in White Marsh has caused many residents to wake up without power Thursday. Baltimore County officials claim winds as high as 90 miles per hour rolled through part of the county, including Middle River, Ripley’s Quarters, White Marsh and Perry Hall.

Downed trees and damage were evident throughout the county. Residents reported heavy hail and what sounded like a tornado.

Anne Arundel County is issuing reports of damage in the Severna Park area.

As of 6 a.m., BGE is reporting around 6,000 power outages, with 1,700 in Baltimore County.

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